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Welcome to our new Patient Testimonials section! Please tell us about your patient care experience, including your impressions of our surgeons, administrative team and South Shore Hospital. Questions? Please call us at 781-331-0250. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments.


Several years ago Dr. Johnson operated on my husband's back and his recovery was 100%. My husband recently developed a new problem and we returned to Dr. Johnson.
I was so nervous that something might go wrong but he is back to 100% once again!
I was shocked to see my husband up and walking only hours after his surgery. Thank you, Dr. Johnson!

Clayton H.

Dr. Johnson, Kate Woods, PA-C and Office Team:

Thank you seems inadequate, but I wanted to say thank you for what you do. We are forever grateful for your experience and genuine concern. Clayton has had an awesome outcome and we owe this to you and your team. Significant trauma with a great outcome - thank you again for your dedication to what you do and your concern for our son, WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL!
Liz H. RN

Mike T.

Dr. Steve Johnson removed a cyst at L5 in my lower back in April of 2011. I am writing 2 years later to report that I feel great. The procedure resolved the constant sciatic nerve pain that radiated down my right leg. I was back to work in less than a week but had to take it easy the first 4 weeks. It took 6 months for the back to completely heal and for the nerve to quiet down. I just turned 60, lift weights, play golf and live a normal pain-free life. Thanks Dr. Johnson for a job well done!

Coleman M.

I was treated very well at South Shore Hospital - the nurses were nice and Doctor Johnson did an awesome job. I am so happy now - thank you Doctor. Sincerely, Coleman M.

Anne B.

I had an anterior interbody fusion at L4/L5 on May 24, 2011 at the South Shore Hospital performed by Dr. Stephen Johnson and Dr. Robert Driscoll. My experience during surgery and recovery at the hospital was excellent. I could not have been happier with the outcome. I am still in recovery and will not be back to my full schedule for a few weeks, but the surgery is already a huge success. The horrible pain in my left leg is gone and I know that I am going to be much more mobile in the months to come. I feel very fortunate to have been able to have this surgery. Both surgeons were incredibly competent and also kind! They have given me my life back!!

Thank you to all involved!! Anne B.

I would certainly recommend Dr Johnson and this procedure to anyone!! Thank you to everyone involved!!

Jolene S.

I was referred to Dr. Johnson the end of last year with back pain that radiated down my left leg, and caused weakness and numbness in my leg. I couldn't stand for more than 5 minutes, and could barely walk 100 yards without pain. Dr. Johnson operated on me on January 4th. He decompressed a nerve root and realigned two vertebrae. 12 hours after surgery I was up and walking WITHOUT any pain!

I returned to work as an EMT 14 weeks, to the day, after surgery. I've been back to work for better than a month and I am still pain free thanks to Dr. Johnson.

From the first office appointment, to my post-op discharge appointment, 4 1/2 months after surgery, EVERYONE was fantastic to deal with. All office staff were helpful, encouraging, and always had smiles on their faces. No question or concern was too big or small for them to answer. I would not hesitate to seek Dr. Johnson's expertise again. He is a talented surgeon! I would also like to thank Kate Woods, PA-C -- another friendly face who gave me great post-op care.


Claudia G

I recently had cervical disk replacement and I can't say enough wonderful comments about Dr. Johnson and his staff. The professionalism and confidence of Dr. Johnson made me feel at ease about having the surgery. His staff is warm and friendly and extremely helpful throughout the whole approval and surgical process. The day after my surgery I had mobility in my neck that I hadn't had in years. The surgery was a great success and I would not hesitate at all to recommend Dr. Johnson. My follow up care has been as attentive as my pre-op care. My sincere thanks to Dr. Johnson and his staff for taking such great care of me.